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About Us

Halvtone Florian Lippe Florian Lippe
Halvtone Alrik Zachert Alrik Zachert
Halvtone Martin Stadler Martin Stadler
Halvtone Martin Kreimes Martin Kreimes

We are a young Berlin-based company with the goal of making the production of beautiful things easier. Everyone should have the opportunity to produce something unique and special. With our technology you can transform your favorite pictures into three-dimensional design objects without any technical know-how. It's very simple: upload the image you want and edit it in your individual way in our application. We then mill out your edited picture into a blank square of wood. This makes your pictures tangible.

The idea for Halvtone was born by four people. People that love machines. Since we’re all in this from the beginning, we share a tremendous passion for Halvtone. Flo is our architect. He is constantly experimenting and trying to convince the rest of us of new product opportunities. He also keeps an eye on our finances. Alrik is the man behind the machine. In addition to his programming skills, he also ensures that your Halvtones arrive safely at your home. Making your Halvtone should be fun. Therefore, the optimization of the user experience and the further development of the application are particularly important to Martin. The fourth Team Member is our second Martin. He is responsible for Marketing. He takes care that we always have an open ear for you and that other people get to know about Halvtone.

Wir produzieren und entwickeln in einer kleinen Werkstatt in der Krüllsstraße 7 in Berlin. Wenn Ihr uns vorher Bescheid gebt, könnt Ihr uns auch gerne besuchen kommen.