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  • What is a Halvtone?

    A Halvtone is your personal picture in an individual design and milled in a wooden square block. It has an entirely new optical effect, brings joy, is a wonderful gift and enhances the environment of people.

  • How is a Halvtone made?

    A Halvtone results simply by you editing your picture and therefore create your own custom design. With the milling of your picture into a specially manufactured wooden Halvtone block we give it the desired value and a special optical effect.

  • What images are most suitable to create a Halvtone?

    At Halvtone your creativity knows no limits. However, we find that the most beautiful Halvtones come from pictures with high contrast and with a homogeneous background. You get the best visual effect in facial portraits, but we always look forward to be convinced otherwise.

  • How do I save my Halvtone?

    To save your Halvtones permanently and to have access to your previous work from anywhere, you can simply register with your email address and a password. Just go to the "Register" button on the right top of the application.

  • Which file formats are accepted at Halvtone?

    We support all popular image formats. These include JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.

  • Is there a maximum file size?

    We accept images up to 20MB. To achieve optimal results and experience great performance, we recommend you to use images up to 3MB.

  • Where can I see a Halvtone in real?

    We are working on collaborations with bars and shops in Berlin, so you get a better feeling for the material and the finished look. If you have a bar or a shop in a bigger city and want to exhibit some Halvtones, then write us a short e-mail.

  • Who has the rights to the photos?

    Of course, you retain all rights to your photos. We won’t publish your photos and Halvtone anywhere without asking you first. However, we invite you to share your finished Halvtone with us on Facebook.

  • How can I order special projects and formats?

    We currently focus on selected sizes and specifications. If you're planning a special project, such as an assembled mosaic Halvtone, then contact us. We can help you with the configuration.

  • How can I order? And what happens next?

    It is easy to order. If you are already registered, you can login and order directly. Should you be new here, simply sign up with your email and password. Then you only have to enter the shipping address and select a payment method and your Halvtone is on its way. We will send you an e-mail with the order confirmation and a payment request (advance payment) shortly after. We will keep you posted where your Halvtone currently is.

  • How can I pay?

    To guarantee safe payment for you and us, we offer you the following two options:

    1. Prepayment We will send your Halvtone after receiving your payment. It’s safe for both parties and there are no extra costs.

    2. PayPal If you have a PayPal account, you can pay with all available PayPal options such as debit, prepayment or credit card. Even without an account is it possible to pay by credit card.

    3. Lastschrift Du bezahlst bequem per Bankeinzug. Dieser Service wird von PayPal bereitgestellt. Du benötigst kein PayPal-Konto.

    4. Kreditkarte Du bezahlst bequem mit Kreditkarte. Dieser Service wird von PayPal bereitgestellt. Du benötigst kein PayPal-Konto.

  • I can not find my question here!

    Contact us! We will reply within 24 hours.