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Product Information

With a Halvtone you can transform your favorite pictures into a unique visual experience. For this, our technique mills your personal image according to your wishes in a specially manufactured blank Halvtone square of wood. Halvtones can be produced in three different formats:

  S M L
49 €
79 €
119 €
Format 25x25 cm 36x36 cm 49x49 cm
Weight 0,85 kg 1,90 kg 3,90 kg
Material thickness 1,90 cm 1,90 cm 1,90 cm
Material Engineered wood Engineered wood Engineered wood
Shipping costs DE included included included
Shipping costs EU 15 € 15 € 15 €
Delivery Timei
(in case blank Halvtone is in stock)
3 - 4 Working Days 3 - 4 Working Days 3 - 4 Working Days

Zusätzlich zu dem Format kannst Du in unserer Anwendung auch die Auflösung, den Kontrast und die Farbe individuell anpassen. Dabei ist es möglich aus fünf unterschiedliche Farbkombinationen zu wählen:

Halvtone Material Color Black Gray
Halvtone Material Color White Black
Halvtone Material Color Black Red
Halvtone Material Color White Blue
Halvtone Material Farbe Schwarz Braun

Other materials and combinations are being planned right now. The hanger on the back makes it very easy to attach your Halvtone to the wall. Once there, you can finally experience the special visual effect of your individual Halvtones.

For those who want to know more:

Creating a Halvtone

After you’ve uploaded your desired picture from your computer or from the Internet in to our application, you can easily try out different resolutions, colors, and image section. When you’re done editing, you can save your work in your account or produce directly. Our Halvtone algorithm, based on an old printing screen technology, analyzes your picture and converts it into a halftone-design. The image is divided into a grid. Then the hole sizes are calculated based on the average brightness values ​​in each grid cell. Our application always shows you a real-time preview of your Halvtone, according to your settings.

The production of a Halvtone

The resulting matrix of different sized dots is translated through our software into a machine control code (G-code). Your Halvtone is produced with a CNC milling machine. CNC machines (Computer Numerical Control) are machines that due to the use of modern control technology are capable of automatically producing parts with high accuracy even for complex shapes. The machine actuates the coordinates of three mutually perpendicular axes (X, Y, and Z) according to the registered information of the G code and mills the holes into the blank Halvtone.

The material

This blank Halvtone consists of solid-colored MDF (medium density fiberboard). MDF is a wood fiber material which is prepared from feinstzerfasertem softwood. To create the two-tone Halvtone effect, the MDF board is fitted with a white or black coating and cut squarely in three different sizes in the connection. In addition, the edges of these wooden squares are polished and rounded.


After our machine has transformed a blank Halvtone into a Halvtone with your individual picture, it will be packaged in our workshop and sent to you using DHL. Of course, we will send you a shipping notification with a link to the tracking, so you always know where your Halvtone currently is.
We ship free of charge within Germany. The shipping to the following Member States of the European Union (EU) costs 15 €: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus.
Ein weltweiter Versand ist derzeit leider nicht möglich.

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